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Items by Eduardo Andres Malachevsky

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Comment: Re: Choral pieces with solo bass voice
RETURN TO HIM by Eduardo Andrés MALACHEVSKY video: Score: 4th piece of the Cycle HE COMES with poems by Rabindranath TAGORE from the GITANJALI (Song Offerings) [durata circa 7’45 / SSSS...
Comment: Re: Carrington search for 5 minute piece for mixed choir and treble choir
Dear Simon I have a beautiful 5’40 piece entitled LOVE BADE ME WELCOME (poem by George Herbert), 3 treble voices soloists & organ; it was a Cathedral Dublin International Composition Competition’s finalist piece. It has been never premiered yet and is not published. Originally the treble voi...
Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: Music for ACDA National Conference
For those interested on my score DE PROFUNDIS MAGNIFICAT which will be sung at the conference by the Philippine Madrigal Singers, it is available on You may also see several videos on YouTube of my piece sung by this wonderful...
Comment: Re: 21st century Mag and Nunc settings
Here you may listen my De Profundis Magnificat sung by The Philippine Madrigal Singers. Tthis piece puts together in an original way the verses of the Magnificat (Lc. 1:47) and the Psalm De Profundis (Ps. 130) :
Comment: Re: sacred contemporary repertoire
You might consider my De Profundis Magnificat, but it is a little tricky... Here you have it sung by The Philippine Madrigal Singers:   eduardo andres malachevskyOfficial Website -  on FaceBook -...
Comment: Re: Humorous piece for Faculty Choir
You might take a look at my O POTORES EXQUISITI (oh happy drinkers), if you have chorister good for snoring, yawning and so on… you might like this piece (this was one of the 3 pieces of mine sung during the last World Symposium on Choral Music) Here you have a version by Estudio Coral Me...
Comment: Re: "fun" or "funny" pieces that work
Do you have choristers good for snoring, yawning and with easy hiccup…? Take a look at this piece of mine in honor to Bacchus… O Potores Exquisiti :   Here you have two different interpretations (by Estudio Coral Meridies from Argentina and by th...
Comment: Re: "mourning" repertoire
«Soneto de la Noche» by Morten Lauridsen «Ecce quomodo moritur justus» by Albert Alcaraz (Score)