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Comment: Re: In Search of Settings of Shakespeare Texts
Some of my favorite Shakespeare settings (thanks to Richard Sparks!)   Songs of Ariel - Frank Martin Fancies - Sven-Eric Johansen - fabulous miniatures with piano. George Shearing - Music to Hear - jazz influenced in a classical idiom.   There's a couple great PDQ Bach settings - I t...
Comment: Re: Conducting Pärt Magnificat
I would definitely NOT conduct the internal pulses.  Rather, show the motion of the phrase in your conducting.  Keep your gesture moving and free (while you silently count!) to encourage the singers' movement of air and phrase.  Use of the melding gesture should work nicely here.   As I re...
Comment: Re: YouTube for performing and selling your own composition
Michael, that's phenomenal!  I'm showing my boys choir in class tomorrow.  Keep up the good work - and what a voice!
Community Forum Post: Copley to Direct 2011 All-State Choir
Billings Public Schools music superviser Rob Wells announced today that Edith Copley has agreed to direct the 2011 All-State Choir.  Dr. Copley is Director of Choral Studies at Northern Arizona University, and a world-renowned conductor.  She recently presented sessions on conducting and rehears...
Comment: Re: What books have helped you the most as a choral director?
I agree with John that the people I've studied with have left the most indelible marks. If I had to have only one text for choral conducting, though, it would be Evoking Sound by James Jordan. One book only tangentally related but quite powerful: Solitude by Henry Nouwen.  
PDF Document: Ryan CMENC Presentation Handout 2010
Blog post: Conference Wrap-up
Do you feel recharged and inspired?    Dr. Copley's sessions were amazing - so many new and inspirational ideas, along with a lot of things I had forgotten and will use again.  The thing about "Dr. C" that amazes me is her personal decision to keep growing.  She is always learning new tech...
PDF Document: Copley Handout - "Power of Words"
PDF Document: Copley Conducting Workshop Handout
PDF Document: Montana Youth Sing - East
Community Forum Post: President's Message October 2010
On October 20-21, we will be having our 73rd annual MMEA/MCDA Conference.  The conference will take place at Hellgate High School in Missoula.   ACDA Executive Director, Tim Sharp, will be presenting sessions on "ACDA in the 21st Century" and "Navigating Through the Technology of ACDA," as w...
Community Forum Post: Join the MCDA Community
Join the MCDA community on ChoralNet! It's easy!  Here's how:   1) Create a user profile on choralnet (or login if you are already a registered user) 2) Click on the "communities" tab 3) Search for "Montana" 4) Click on the "Montana Choral Directors Association" link ...
Comment: Re: Which chairs should we buy?
My students and I really like the Wenger Nota.
Community: Montana Choral Directors Association
  Welcome to the home of choral music in Big Sky Country.