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Items by Ray Braswell

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Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: "We Three Kings"
This arrangement brings up an interesting issue for me - one that I've had to address recently in some compositions I've written for a local choir.  I see that the tenors have several high As throughout the piece.  Unless I know the group specifically (as is the case with the group I mentioned), I...
Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA piece that will WOW audience
I really like Sto mi e milo, which I first heard performed by Kitka.  You can hear a sample here:   Here's a good recording (ignore the guys standing off to the side :)
Announcement: Truly amazing - The First Readings Project
I just returned from an amazing experience with David Moore and the First Readings Project.  Four times a year, David, along with an extremely talented group of musicians, provides an opportunity for choral composers come to Minneapolis to have their compositions performed.  The level of musicians...
Community Forum Post: East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs
Am I the only one who didn't know about the East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs software?   Can someone who is using this give me their opinion about it?  I'm mostly interested in the Word B...
Comment: Re: 25% off custom recording of your new choral compositions from
And yet another endorsement from me.  I've been exceedinly pleased with the recordings Matthew has made for me.  His musicianship is outstanding and his turnaround time to make the recordings is very good. 
PDF Document: Mass - I Will Not Forget You
Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: "There Will Come Soft Rains"
I would like to thank Jack for selecting this piece for the Composition Showcase.   If any composer is looking for good public domain poems to use as texts for their compositions, I highly recommend the poetry of Sara Teasdale.  She wrote some very moving poems of varying lengths that cover a wi...
PDF Document: There Will Come Soft Rains
PDF Document: A Celtic Prayer
Concert: Moments In Time - The Arizona Repertory Singers
Travel through time with Arizona Repertory Singers and experience a harmonic confluence of choral styles encompassing traditional choral music, modern madrigals and tuneful ditties, including works by centennial 'birthday boys' Verdi, Wagner and Britten. Compositions in the concert will include t...