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Location: San Diego, CA, California, USA

SACRA / PROFANA Chorus Manager Job Description (San Diego, CA)



9 months (Aug-Mar, May), renewable



The Chorus Manager of SACRA / PROFANA is responsible and accountable for the overall management of all logistical aspects of the choir. He or she will serve as liaison between the members of the ensemble and the Artistic Director in all non-musical matters (scheduling, attendance, logistics, etc.) The Chorus Manager works in cooperation with the Artistic Director and Operations Manager. A musical background is helpful, but is not required for this position.


Desired qualities:

• Organizational & communication skills

• Personal and interpersonal leadership

• Empathy, understanding and a commitment to nurturing relationships within the ensemble



• Create and implement rehearsal and performance schedules, in conjunction with the Artistic Director.

• Prepare and maintain accurate rosters.

• Utilize accurate rosters to provide payroll information to the Artistic Director & Treasurer by the 25th of each month 

• Maintain attendance records and follow up with choristers regarding lateness and absence.

• Assist with rehearsal and performance logistics, in conjunction with the Artistic Director.

• Communicate scheduling details to members of the ensemble (this includes regular rehearsalreminders, call times, etc.).

• Distribute music to the choir as necessary. 

• Create informational materials (paper and electronic) to assist chorus members in traveling to events and performances.

• Make advance performance site visits, where feasible, to ascertain special needs, requirements & conditions.

• Attend SACRA / PROFANA performances & rehearsals as needed.


Time Commitment:

This is a position that can be done mostly on the individual’s own schedule; many of the responsibilities can be accomplished from home. Periodic attendance at SACRA/PROFANA rehearsals and performances is expected. In general, this requires one weeknight per week, and one or two performances each month.



The Chorus Manager receives a stipend of $200/per month.


Interested applicants may contact Krishan Oberoi, Artistic Director: