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Latvian Voices: Exotic Latvian Female A Cappella available for bookings Spring and Fall 2015

Location: Virginia, USA
Latvian Voices is an a cappella ensemble from Riga, the capital city of the “Singing Nation” of Latvia. An astounding choral group of seven dazzling women, Latvian Voices always delivers a mesmerizing concert experience. The repertoire of the ensemble consists of a wide range of musical styles: Latvian folk song arrangements, classical works of choral music, as well as original compositions including elements of classical, pop, and jazz. Since their first European concert tour three years ago, these singers have quickly achieved international success. Currently, Latvian Voices is considered one of the leading vocal ensembles of their kind in the world and has been invited to represent Latvia as its musical ambassadors in 2014 when Riga is the Cultural Capital of Europe. Recently, the third Latvian Voices album, “T? K? Taka” (Like A Path), has been nominated for a 2012 Latvian Music Recordings Award and is praised as one of the five best a cappella recordings. In the summer of 2013, the ensemble performed at the prestigious Schleswig-Holstein Festival to critical acclaim.
“A clear audience favorite was Latvian Voices, seven women …whose tangy, exotic Baltic harmonies and flawless ensemble work shone in folk songs …” -Washington Post
“Full tones, mature technique… this is what their award-winning a-cappella music tells, even from the first glorious note.”    -Ploen
Performance clips:  Latvian Voices Introduction
        Latvian Voices-Ave Maris Stella Edward Grieg
        Latvian Voices-Eriks Ešenvalds: O salutaris hostia
        Latvian Voices in Hamburg Kulturkirche Altona "T? K? Taka"

Latvian Voices will offer brilliant and exciting performances, and will bring musical excellence to your audiences.
If you are interest in presenting this exceptional Latvian ensemble, please contact Chris Merkle to discuss dates and fees: 703-683-6040

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