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Looking for "Mae-Na-Ri" and possibly other pieces by Hyowon Woo

I'm desperately seeking information as to where I could possibly purchase the aformentioned piece by Hyowon Woo composed for the Incheon City Chorale. I have scoured the Seoul chorus center website and several other websites and have still come up empty handed. If anyone has any information, I would be greatly appreciative! 
on August 9, 2014 7:23am
By searching in Musica database (, I found that "Mo-Li-Hua" (jasmin flowers) by Woo, Hyo-Won is published by A Coeur Joie in France. Check Musica database for more information if interested.
Jean Sturm
on August 10, 2014 3:52am
Do you mean "Me-na-ri?" by Hyowon Woo? Check the spelling on the title of the piece. 
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