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Slow Down! Red Squirrels!

Choir type: Children's and Youth Choirs
Voicing: Children
It's a beautifully flowing unison song with optional harmony and descant parts, and a piano accompaniment (I also have a backing track MP3 which I can provide if required.)
Here's a bit more information about the song with a link to the score and a full recording in the form of a learning video.
Programme Note:
Northumberland is one of the few places left in Britain where red squirrels still survive. They are a rare sight and innocently wander across country roads in the path of danger. There are road signs to warn drivers, but alas the squirrels take no heed of them. This song uses a couple of Northumberland words for the creatures that live here as taught to me by my friend and neighbour Ted Beswick: a hoolet is an owl, a spuggie is a house sparrow. These spuggies are very fussy when it comes to the seeds they will eat from garden feeders, preferring sunflower seeds to all others, and hoying those they don’t fancy onto the ground, where they are greedily snaffled by cushats (local pigeons).
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