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New Choralnet community about madrigal dinners

For those of you who are putting on madrigal dinners, or have an interest in medieval/renaissance repertoire, please join the new madrigal dinner community:
on July 21, 2014 3:32pm
I just read the the replies to your request for information.  For those of you who are seeking help with finding scripts, please check out   The scripts from Knight Schtick are hilarious and I used them for three madrigal dinners for my high school select group.  Once you get your script selected, begin gathering costumes.  It helps to have some seamstresses in your organization.  You can find costume patterns for sale on ebay.  You can also find hats, trims, & costumes on ebay.  It's a great resource.  Also check thrift stores periodically for dresses, tunics, pants...that can be altered for period costumes.  It's a fun journey!  I personally value the wisdom of those who have gone before me about madrigal dinner theatres...therefore the information and resources offered by Paul Brandevik in the Compleet Madrigal Dinner Booke are invaluable.  This book provides an outline or framework for you to work from.  
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