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Bach Cantata 140 edition with good English translation

Dear Colleagues,
Can anyone recommend an edition of J.S. Bach's Cantata 140 (Wachet Auf) with a good English translation? I wish to program this work for my community choir and for my community, a good English translation will be better, although I prefer to do it in German. So a good edition that has both would be great.
I have examined at least one that is not so great from the online cantata website, but perhaps that is as good as it gets. Any suggestions would be great.
on June 17, 2014 1:41pm
According to my old notes, Robert Shaw preferred the English translation by Henry Drinker.  Drinker tended to watch for Bach’s musical symbolism and so, followed the German almost word for word.  His score is found at
I noticed IMSLP put up an old version by Georgiana Troutbeck where the phrases flow a bit better at the expense of the above mentioned ideal.  Her score is found at,_ruft_uns_die_Stimme,_BWV_140_(Bach,_Johann_Sebastian)
I don’t know if Catherine Winkworth ever translated the Recitatives or Duets but her three verses of Wachet Auf can be found at,_ruft_uns_die_Stimme
Hope that helps.
Michael A. Gray
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