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remuneration for conductors

I am the founder of my own women's choir, now into its 7 season, and I am wondering how to set up the organization to have a board, and all that other structural stuff to enable the group to fundraise, tour, record and increase our community outreach. I am also wondering how conductors set up their organization in order to pay their staff (which at this point is only me, the conductor but could also include the ED, and the regular accompannist). Over the past 6 years I have only been able to pay myself very little, but its time to either change this situation or look for new "employment".
So how does an organization pay its conductor(s)/staff? Does it come out of tuition, grants or fundraising?
What are the beginning steps to setting up a board and getting the choir organization structured and working together?
Nancy Singla
Cantala Women's Choir
Toronto, Canada.
on July 11, 2014 5:44pm
Hi Nancy,
Welcome to the choral community in Toronto! ORIANA Women's Choir ( has been operating for 43 years in TO. ORIANA currently has a budget of around $50,000, which covers our AD's fee, accompanist, occassional guest artists, a consulting marketing manager, and a few $$$ for an administrative manager. I'd be happy to chat further.
Julia Lee, Board Chair 
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