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Major work including children's chorus

Do any of you know of a major choral work, besides the Rutter-"Mass Of The Children", that is written for SATB chorus and children's choir? Preferrably something a decent high school choir can handle. Thank you in advance :-)
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on June 9, 2014 10:22pm
My 'Esau and Jacob' is just over an hour long in three sections and it features a Children's Choir (up to 3 part), SATB, and Four soloists plus a small orchestra ( Strings and Perc). If interested let me know and I will send you a perusal score.
Stuart McIntosh
on June 10, 2014 6:08am
I am interested.
on June 10, 2014 2:39am
There's always Ben Britten's 'Saint Nicholas'. Treble trio of pickled boys in addition the SATB and chldren's choir, IIRC.
on June 10, 2014 5:41am
It is seasonal, but Vaughan Williams' Christmas work, "Hodie" has a large part for Children.  Carl Orff's "Carmina Beurona" also uses a choir of children in the score.  Unfortunately, the "Hodie" is really not high school material unless you have a really stunning high school group.  The "Carmina" could be pulled off by high schoolers ... just need to be careful of the translations of the text you give them!
on June 10, 2014 5:41am
Britten's St.Nicolas is great, but a significant undertaking. We just performed it last year.  Here is a link to another ChoralNet post about this;
Ruth Watson Henderson has a wonderful piece for children and SATB called Voices of Earth
Gwyneth Walker has a cantata called Love Flows From God
Tom Lloyd with the Bucks County Choral Society wrote a really neat suite called "As well as the poore as the peere" - 6 old carols scored for children's voices, SATB, brass quintet and hurdy gurdy. But don't let the hurdy gurdy stop you - it could be played on another instrument.
Paul Halley has several for combined groups. He self publishes through Pelagos Music.
Hope this gets you started!
on June 10, 2014 7:21am
Carmina Burana uses a children's choir (ragazzi), and the reduced version for two pianos and five percussion - not made by Orff but approved by him - makes it very affordable.  
A children's choir can sing the soprano part in many Bach cantatas, those which feature the chorale melody in augmentation soaring over the top of the ATB polyphony in the choruses.  In Cantata 140 (Sleepers, Wake) they can sing as just described in the first movement, sing the famous tenor soli in mvt 4 (Zion Hears...), and join with the chorus in singing the final chorale.
You can feature a children's choir in a Baroque or Classical work on an aria for soprano, if it is within their reach.  The Laudamus te from the Vivaldi Gloria and others are standard pieces that children's choirs sing; you can just use them as you would a soloist.
on June 10, 2014 10:37am
Richard Blackford, "Mirror of Perfection." 
It's very Rutter-like and popular in the UK, but not well known here.
on June 11, 2014 5:31am
I have a 45-minute oratorio, "A Crown of Stars," for SATB with SSA children's chorus, soprano and tenor soloists.
Chamber orchestra of 12 players (1(pc) 1 1 1(cbn) 0 1 0 0 perc (1 player) hp pno vn va vc db (st 1 per part)
It's recorded on Albany (TROY 1358), and you can hear a couple of excerpts at
Would you like to see a perusal score?
Andrew Simpson
on June 11, 2014 5:46am
Stephen Paulus' "To Be Certain of the Dawn" may work. The most popular movement from the hour long work is "Hymn to the Eternal Flame". It's for mixed chrous, children's chorus, and soloists.
Here it is on his website. Not sure if it's available through JW Pepper or anywhere like that. 
on June 11, 2014 9:57am
ABSOLUTLEY!  This work is fun to perform for all age levels and all levels of musicianship.  Peacemakers.  Written by Karl Jenkins, arguably Europe's most popular living composer, it contains seventeen movements.  All movements may be performed or you can omit those you desire to omit.  It calls for a soprano soloist for one movement.  My children did the world premier of this work with Karl Jenkins conducting at Carnegie Hall, NYC, 2012.  Beautiful melodies, lush and "different" harmonies abound.  This work is being performed in many sites.  Boosey and Hawkes is the publisher, NY.  The Children's Chorus is responsible for five terrific descants and is involved in fourteen of the seventeen movements.  This is a pure winner!  Write to me if you have other questions, et al. Here are some links, Phillip.
Movement: Anthem
Movement: Healing Light
Movement: Offer Your Peace and Inner Peace (and Healing Light)
Movement: Blessed are the peacemakers
Movement: Meditation (solo)
Best regards,
John H. Briggs, Sr.
on June 16, 2014 12:53pm
Singing City in Philadelphia commissioned and performed last year a work commemorating the 50th anniversary of the children's march, a civil rights march by children in Birmingham, Alabama.  Written by Andrew Bleckner and libretto by Charlotte Blake Alston, The Children's March was wonderfully successful, and performed again this year.  It's about 90 minutes long, and uses an adult choir and children's choir about equally.  It also has parts for several soloists, for which Singing City used auditioned high school students.  The accompaniment is piano and percussion, both of which require skilled players.  The choral parts are challenging in places, but definitely within the capabilities of a good high school choir.   
I don't believe the work is available yet, and a further orchestration is in the works, but if you contact Singing City (, they may make it available in its current form.
The last two choruses of the work can be see at
on August 18, 2014 5:45am
YES!  I premiered my Incarnatio Mysteria with DCINY at Lincoln Center in 2011. It is set for SATB choir and 2-part children's chorus...utilizes Latin texts for Advent, though it is appropriate for concert at any time of the year. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Divinum Mysterium and Veni Lumen Cordium are the central "children's choir" movements, though they sing throughout the other movements too:
All the best,
Timothy Michael Powell
on August 18, 2014 8:12am
We have added children's choir on solo/duet/ trio soprano and alto lines within larger works, as well as having them sing with the adults on other sections: Rutter Gloria mvt. 2, Durufle Requiem, Chilcott Requiem.
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