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Learning from Eric Ericson VI - watch!

There aren't many examples of Eric conducting on the net, but here's one with him recording with the Real Group (all the original singers sang as students with him--when he came to Pacific Lutheran University in the mid-80s with his Conservatory Chamber Choir they'd been working together for a while and all were members of that choir).
on May 1, 2014 5:34pm
Richard Sparks:    That was a priceless lesson.  Any choir director worth their intellegence can watch this and learn expressive conducting.    The silent cut off ....opening the throat with the way his hands prrepared the sopranos for a higher note.   He directs to the heart to make the head work.   WOW1      I remember when I re issued the two 3 CD sets and gave them to him at the symposium in Minneapolis.    He looked at them got a great big smile and gave me the biggest hug.  What a choral musician.   I have listened and listened but this little vido is as I said priceless.
Stanley Schmidt
Going Beyond Words Host
on May 5, 2014 8:21pm
Thanks, Stanley. Yes, it's a lovely video. I'm hoping at some point I can find and make available more video of Eric conducting and rehearsing. We'll see!