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Festival Repertoire for heavily male-voice mixed chorus

Does anyone know of good quality secular choral music that will work with a choir composed of approximately 150 men and 30 women?  The music should be celebratory and have a positive lyric.  Do you know of pieces where the men and women double the parts?  Any ATTBB rep that fits the style and text? Many Thanks!
on March 6, 2014 7:23am
Consider Jonathan Quick's arrangement of "Loch Lomond".  He has various arrangements of it in different voicings; plus I've heard others that I don't see published so it's definitely worth contacting him to check what he may have to fit your specifics.  It's different enough to be a challenge -- of the sort that a choir finds fun to tackle.  There's at least two recordings on Spotify, one with Johathan as soloist.  Perhaps the definitive recording is by Chor Leoni - also with him as soloist.  You could throw the tenor solo line to your women.  The rhythm in the men's parts is a bit tricky in part, but attainable.  
Quite a few of the arrangements that Chor Leoni has used feature a solo voice that could easily be given to your altos.  Chor Leoni is very supportive of youth singing so you should find contacting them quite useful.  Start with Larry Nickel at Cypress Choral Music, for many years he has sung with and arranged for Chor Leoni and knows the repertoire.
on March 7, 2014 1:15am
Hello there Dennis,
Your description of the song you're after reminded me instantly of "Magical Glass". It's a song I originally composed for an ATBB group. It is lively, celebratory and secular. The subject matter is the glass-making industry and it's history in Sunderland in the North-East of England. It has verses about the glass of St. Benedict's Monastery in the city (the first church with glass windows in England, they say!), the industrial glass-making in the 19th century, the Pyrex revolution of the mid-20th century and the current art glass community set up around the National Glass Centre.
I have subsequently done arrangements for male voice choir, SATB choir and high voices, all of which have been performed, but the original was for ATBB and as far as I know, this has not been performed, so you could be the first!
A snippet of the score and a full recording of the SSAA version is on this link (recording at the bottom of the page, (with a cutesy video I did with some Sunderland school children about their city's glass-making industry.) Hope you enjoy the song - you can close your eyes when it comes to the video!
Best of luck with your search
on March 7, 2014 11:58am
If I remember correctly, Wilhouskey's Battle Hymn of the Republic and Thompson's Testament of Freedom both have a lot of divisi for the men but not the women.
My suggestion would be that there are a fair number of pieces out there where there's not just an SATB version, but also SSA/SSAA and TBB/TTBB versions that are written so that they can be sung with the SATB version. Put all your women and half your men on the SATB version and half your men on the TBB/TTBB version.
Also, check for choruses from musicals like South Pacific that are written for a male-heavy cast. Same with operas with male-heavy casts.
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