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PhilHarmonia seeks new music director

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

PhilHarmonia, a 24-voice mixed choir in Philadelphia, seeks a music director.


PhilHarmonia is dedicated to the idea that high-quality a cappella choral music should be fun for both singers and audiences. Founded in 2013, we recently completed our first season with a sold-out debut concert, which featured music from the 16th century to the 21st. We are a volunteer group, although our membership includes several music professionals.


Our first season was led by Benjamin Olinksy, musical director of Washington DC’s 18th Street Singers and all-around amazing guy. With Ben’s departure (that DC-Philly commute is a killer!), we’re looking for a new musical director to build and sustain PhilHarmonia’s performance chops and fun quotient. More specifically, that includes auditions (as the need arises), repertoire selection, performance preparation, and more general group development. Our spring 2014 concert is scheduled for June 20; so far, we’ve rehearsed pieces by Brahms, Holst, Rheinberger, and Whitacre. Consequently, we’re looking for a director to start immediately, building on the repertoire we’ve already begun planning for the June performance.


As noted above, we are committed to both excellent musicianship and good times. (In fact, we’re convinced that they reinforce one another.) Thus, in addition to standard requirements like having a great ear, knowing tons of choral repertoire, and having solid conducting experience, our new director should provide demanding but positive leadership, expect some give-and-take, be excited to socialize outside of rehearsal, and—this is key—have a concrete plan to support diversity in our membership, our audiences, and our repertoire.


Logistics: We rehearse Sunday evenings near Rittenhouse Square, without an accompanist. We perform a cappella repertoire only. At this early stage of our existence, the directorship is unpaid—but changing this is a priority as the group develops.


To apply, please contact us with a cover letter, your résumé and, optionally, recordings of choirs you’ve conducted. In your cover letter, please share what your vision for our small choral ensemble would be. We will get in touch as soon as possible to schedule you to lead part of a rehearsal. We plan to have applicants “audition” at rehearsals as soon as possible, and we hope to make our decision no later than mid-April.