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Thy Will Be Done - Easter Oratorio

Location: Kentucky, USA
Choir type: Professional Choirs
Voicing: Mixed
An Easter Oratorio starring Gregory Turay, (Metropolitan Opera), in the role of Jesus and featuring professional soloists, chorus, and orchestra.
Thursday - April 3, 7:30 p.m Cathedral of Christ the King, 299 Colony Blvd, Lexington, Kentucky 40502.
Sunday - April 6, 4:00 p.m., Tates Creek Presbyterian Church, 3900 Rapid Run Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40515.
Composer - Angela Rice, Lexington, Kentucky
Produced by Everett McCorvey - Global Creative Connections, Lexington, Kentucky 
Conductor  Marcello Cormio 
Come experience how scripture, beautiful voices, and a wonderfully orchestrated oratorio can create a touching and 
spiritual journey for your whole family this Lenten season.  Musical highlights include the promise of Psalm 23,
The Lord's Prayer, and Holy, Holy, Holy. 
No. 1 Sinfonia,  No. 2 Psalm 23,  No. 3 In the Beginning,  No. 4 Hail Mary,  No. 5 Mary's Duet and Song,  No. 6 The Temptation of Jesus,  No. 7 Good Shepherd,  No. 8 The Woman at the Well,  No. 9 Miracle on the Water,  No.10 The Beatitudes,  No. 11 The Lord's Prayer,  No. 12 Let the Little Children
Come to Me,  No. 13 Lazarus, Come Forth,  No. 14 He Healed Them,  No. 15 The Way, No.16 The Tempter's Soliloquy,  No. 17 The Journey, Part 1,
No. 18 Holy, Holy, Holy, No.19 The Journey, Part 2, No. 20 Judas,  No. 21 Father, Forgive Them,  No. 22 Near the Cross,  No.23 The Journey, Part 3,
No. 24 Oh Mary,  No. 25 Greetings from the Lord,  No. 26 The Doubting Thomas,  No. 27 Greater Love,  No. 28 Come Holy Spirit,  No. 29 Light of the World, No.30 Finale: Love is Patient.
Performing Voices
Mary Magdalene      soprano
Mary (the Mother)   soprano
Elizabeth               mezzo soprano
Woman at the Well soprano
Narrator 1             mezzo soprano
Jesus                    tenor
Narrator 2             baritone
Thomas                baritone
Devil                    baritone
Judas                   bass-baritone
Choir                   SATB up to 8-part divisi
(includes 8 soloists: Woman in the Crowd (S), Follower (S), Mary of Clopas (A), Martha (A), Centurion (T), Paralytic (Bar), and Disciple (Bar) Blind Man (Bar). 
Orchestra 2 2 2 2 -2 1 0 0- no perc. - str.
Duration - ca. 1 hour 30 minutes: optional intermission after No. 14  
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