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Bass singing a tenor!

My high school is doing "Fiddler on the Roof" this spring, and the boy we cast as Motel (who sings "Miracle of Miracles") is a bass. Normally, this would not have been a good decision, but due to our talent pool it is what we ended up with. He is a pretty good singer, and is in my choir, but his range doesn't seem to comfortably go very far above middle C. While I know that as a bass he is going to have some struggles with this song, he also is straining on the upper pitches and can't seem to relax his neck. When he does relax, it's easier for him to switch between a deeper 'chest' voice and a lighter 'head' voice. However, his voice breaks right around the D to Eb range and I'm struggling to help him sing this song easily. He's just tense. His vocal agility isn't the best either. For those of you familiar with 'Miracle of Miracles' you know that's pretty important for this song. I would love some tips on how to help him release tension and sing from the body instead of the throat, and on improving vocal agility. As a female, I don't know that I'm currently giving him the best instruction for his bass voice. 
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