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High School Choral Conductor Wins Music Education Grammy

A high school choral conductor, Kent Knappenberger, has been named the inaugural recipient of the Grammy Award for Music Education.
Introducing him as “a father, a musician, and teacher,” a recent USA Today TV feature paid moving tribute to Mr. Knappenberger, and highlighted the impact he is making in the community of Westfield, New York.
It is gratifying to know that a colleague (and ACDA member) is being acknowledged in such a tangible manner by students, alumni, and administrators, and now the Grammy Awards. Kent’s remarkable story should serve to remind us all of the nobility and value of our craft.  Grammy or no, we are all winning each and every day on behalf of those we serve.
on January 27, 2014 9:44am
Congratulations, Kent!  I was so excited a choir director won last night while watching the Grammys!