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Perfect Pitch? Take a Pill!

This story is fascinating. Harvard Professor Takao Hensch gave a pill to some adults and was able to teach them to have perfect pitch.
So how many of you would take a pill in order to have perfect pitch? An entire choir full of singers with perfect pitch? I see some problems, as well a lot of benefits. Might put a lot of aural skills teachers out of work.
The future is going to be very interesting.
on January 27, 2014 11:36am
I feel that this will not be a story for very long. The fact of the matter is that having perfect pitch doesn't necessarily make you a better singer. I've been in choirs with members with perfect pitch, and though some of them were quite talented singers, others were still singing wrong notes or under the pitch (they just knew that they were doing it!). This changed nothing about the way the choir was run, nor the outcome of a performance, and I don't believe a choir full of singers with "perfect pitch" would be the "perfect" choir. 
On the other hand, you could always just put in the work without paying for a pill and practice using a tuning fork...