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Certificate on Choral Conducting

Good evening Everone!
I am looking for a school that offers a graduate certificate iin choral conducting.
I live in the Baltimore, Md area but am willing to travel.
I was in a wonderful graduate certificate program at Sheandoah Conservatory in Chruch music and I LOVED it. The classes were 2 weeks for three consecutive summers. We had projects/homework, etc.. and the entire program was hands on and kept us busy. Then students earned a "Graduate Certificate in Chruch Music"
Are there any schools out there that offer a "Choral Conducting" program like this??? this type of schedule??
This would be great for people like me who work several hours/jobs and have limited time to go to school and study.
I have studied and worked in the Choral music field for over 14 years, mostly looking to advance my skills and earn a credentiial for it. I am open to a certificate, grad certificate or diploma.
Are there any schools interested in starting a program like this???
Please pass this message on...I am VERY interested in finding a program designed like a mentioned above. I would even be willing to help desing a program with a college.
on January 10, 2014 9:43am
I would like to recommend the summer courses offerred by The VoiceCare Network at Saint John's University (SJU), Collegeville, Minnesota. The effects of choral conducting gestures, conductor "body language," and conductor language on choral singers as human beings, and on their voices, are addressed in leading-edge ways.
Yes, graduate credit for the courses is offerred through SJU for those who want it, but everyone who completes the courses is given a Certificate of Membership in VoiceCare, plus a statement of the number of contact hours accumulated in each course. The pre-requisite first course is extraordinarily comprehensve, lasts 7.5 days, and is titled "Bodymind and Voice." One of the two continuing courses may be taken in the week following the first course (or during the following summer), and the other 1-week continuing course can be taken during the following summer to complete all three ["Conducting Gestures and Voice" and "Personal Voice" are the continuing course titles]. The courses use a comprehensive, 3-volume "encyclopedia" of ahead-of-the-curve teaching-learning processes and voice developmnet processes titled, Bodymind and Voice: Foundations of Voice Education. Info about the book also is located on VoiceCare's website,
Many participant experiences during each course are at the leading edge in the field of choral conducting and music education, and many of those experiences are not included in any choral conducting program anywhere at any level. I know that's a rather bold statement, and could be interpreted as promotional hype, but that has been the consistent reaction of thousands of course participants over VoiceCare's 34 years of existence, including some participants who had already earned DMA and EdD degrees in choral conducting before taking the courses [same reaction from ear-nose-throat MDs, clinical and school speech pathologists, music educators at all levels, and theatre professors/teachers/directors who have taken the courses].
In case you're wondering, I founded VoiceCare, retired from it in 2005, make two brief appearances in the "Bodymind & Voice" course each summer, and am principal author and co-editor of that 3-volume tome. Be well, Michael.
on January 12, 2014 5:26pm
Hi Michael,
You might be interested in the Choral Conducting Certificate program at Messiah College ( in Mechanicsburg, PA.  It isn't that far from Baltimore and the certificate can be completed in 15 credits - I am working on mine now and very pleased with the program.  The program is a part of the Masters in Choral Conducting program (30 credits), but the certificate is set up for those who already have a Masters degree.  It inclues a combination of week-long summer sessions along with online courses during the school year.  You can find the information here:
Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!  I'd be happy to help if I can.
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