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Artistic Reflection of Concert

Do any of you have a review/reflection document that you use after concerts?
I am Artistic Director of a growing high school community choir program, and would like to codify a way for the other director and I to regularly review our work and our choirs' work.  The initial purpose would be a self-review that wouldn't be shared with each other or the personnel This would be an opportunity to reflect on things such as:
  • How did the breadth (number of songs) and depth (difficulty) of the music compare to the rehearsal time allotted?
  • How did the choir’s performance compare with your artistic goals?
  • In your view, did singers connect with the music, with other singers, and with you in a way that allowed them to make authentic artistic choices?
  • What techniques/methods did you find most successful?
  • What inefficiencies in rehearsals did you find, and how did you or do you plan to overcome them?
  • Moving forward, what would you repeat and what would you change in the rehearsal process?
If you have a tool or assessment that you have used in the past, and would like to share it, feel free to email it to glathe(a)
If you haven’t used something like this, but have something to offer, feel free to do so!
Thank you once again for your wonderful input.
on December 18, 2013 4:53am
I think this is a good far as it goes. What seems to be missing is an opportunity for the chorus to offer comments on the conductor, e.g., 1) Did I spend enough time on each piece we performed, if not, which ones needed additional attention? 2) Did I rehearse your section sufficiently, i.e., were you comfortable with knowing/performing the selections? 3) Do I spend enough time in rehearsal on matters that are important to you, i.e., too much time with mechanics? to litttle time on expression? too much time talking? etc. There may be some crossovers in what you have listed, but remember that volunteer chorus members are not likely to continue singing with the choir if they dont go away from each rehearsal feeling glad that they took the time and effort to come in the first place. It's you job to ensure that need is met. 
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