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Stick Time: It's a G-Major, 4/4 World

Some days it seems as though we live in a G-Major, 4/4 world.
When tuning systems changed in the Baroque era, one doubts that the composers of the day intended for modality to disappear completely in favor of the then-revolutionary major/minor constructs.  As we all know, though, that is more or less what happened.  As a result, when we hear a work that employs a modal tuning structure, it sounds exotic.
Here, then, a performance from an ACDA national conference.  Have a little sonic fun and try to determine its modal/key center.
on December 17, 2013 11:08am
Ok, if you mean Western/Greek modes, my foirst thought is "None of the Above, it's a middle-Eastern scale." HOWEVER since the oboe & flute can play it, it's not microtonal or that type. I'd have to look it up. (How do you "look it up"?)
Dana Taylor