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wrong (?) note in Kverno's "Corpus Christi Carol"

Trond Kverno/Corpus Christi Carol (Walton Music, licensed from Norsk Musikforlag A/S, Oslo; copyright 1985, 1992)
Does anyone know whether the very first Alto G flat is a misprint, bearing in mind that on subsequent iterations it is the second G flat that is flattened? After all, in that first chorus, the flat sign next to the second G is redundant.
Or is it the other way around - should both Gs be flattened each time? (i.e., the repeated chorus has a typo - the flat is missing from the initial Alto G)
A) The Dale Warland Singers recorded it as printed; several others groups do so also.
B) The Oslo Cathedral Choir recording has them singing G flat throughout, treating the G natural as a misprint; again, other groups take this route.
Either version sounds ok: the G flat option is less jarring, but the G natural more intriguing.
I wonder if anyone has access to the original Norsk Musikforleg version?
Thanks for any insights,
Philip Barnes
St. Louis (MO)
on November 20, 2013 6:13pm
This is the Norsk Musikforleg version.  I think I'm not breaking copyright to post a portion, eh?
on November 21, 2013 2:24pm
thanks, philip, but i wonder - is what you've pasted from the Walton edition licensed FROM Norsk Musikforleg, or is it from the (yellow cover) original Norwegian edition? it's the latter i'm trying to track down.
i've also sent messages to three different email addresses i found from professor kverno, but each one was bounced back. if anyone knows his current address, and could send it to me in a private message, i'd be very grateful.
philip barnes
on November 22, 2013 10:41pm
I've been using a Sulasol edition  licensed from Norsk MF. It has only the first g flat. I suggest the Norwegian recording you have is correct.
on November 23, 2013 9:31am
hello kari,
this is very helpful; thank you. so, just to confirm, the G natural in the second and later refrains is wrong. that's what i suspected, but it's helpful to hear from someone with the scandinavian edition.
philip b.
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