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CJ Replay: Budget Cuts in the Arts . . . 35 Years Ago

(From the Choral Journal article, “Proposition 13 and You,” by Lou Everett.  Though published 35 years ago this month, this sounds eerily contemporary.)
       The trend of budget cuts and reductions of music programs has us concerned.  While the specific problems and causes are varied, the situation has recently become more serious and widespread.
       What has become most apparent in recent months is the growing number of directors who have found themselves in such situations, and who have expressed complete surprise that this was “suddenly” happening to them.  They thought this was something that occurred someplace else.
       Now, with the passing of “Proposition 13” in California, and the increasing efforts being made toward the passing of similar proposals in other states, the future is not bright.
       Few of you have the time or inclination to lead an attack on any Proposition 13 in your state.  But you should know that right now there are directors who are taking bold, positive steps to strengthen their programs, rallying student and community support as a solid defense against potential threats to their programs.
            Even though there are successful attempts being made most directors who are struggling along in similar attempts with little or nothing to work with in terms of information regarding the successful efforts of colleagues in other schools.