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“Five from the Folder: Treble Voices" by Jena Dickey

1. “Kia Hora Te Marino.” David Hamilton. SSA. Self-published 
Maori blessing skillfully set by New Zealand brilliant composer. Stunning musical lines. Initially unison, splits to 2-part and easy 3-part.
2. “Jabberwocky.” David Brunner. Walton Music 00116954
Exciting new setting of classic poem. David’s fabulous mixed meters. Playful 2-part treble. Choralography available at
3. “Wake Me a Song.” Abram Joseph Ryan. Santa Barbara SBMP1027
Beautiful text & melody. Mixed meters, tempo variety aid interpretation. Introspective, thoughtful. SSAA. Easy range. Moderately difficult.
4. “One Mile.” Rollo Dilworth. Hal Leonard 08754499
New text and music, incorporating spiritual "By And By." No improv necessary in piano as notes are written in. Easy and fun 3-part treble.
5. “Beneath the African Sky. Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory. Self-published
Hauntingly beautiful oboe intro recalls melody hummed by a Rwandan refugee child. 6/8 rocking lullaby with 2 against 3. SA children's choir.
(“Five from the Folder” provides brief, text-length reviews of vocal works currently in the folders of choral directors throughout the United States.  To share five from your folder, contact Scott Dorsey at