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Favorite choral pieces for Reformation and All Saints?

Since Reformation Sunday and All Saints are this and next weekend respectively, I'm just wondering what everyone enjoys using for their choirs on those particular Sundays.  My choir is doing Bound For The Promised Land by Mack Wilberg for Reformation, and F. Melius Christiansen's O Day Full Of Grace along with the first movement of the Brahms Requiem and Rupert Lang's The Kontakion for next week's All Saints worship services.  
What is everyone else doing?  It's never too early to get some fresh ideas for next year!!
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on October 27, 2012 3:16am
For Reformation Sunday, the Adult Choir of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Santa Monica will sing two excerpts from Bach Cantata 80 - Ein' feste Burg (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God).  As the Introit, the group will sing the closing chorale #8 in 4 part harmony with oboe and piano. For the Offertory Anthem, the choir will sing in unison all'ottavo the chorale fantasia #5 - "If All the World with Devils Filled" with English horn and organ.   Catherine French Sakow, a longtime member of the church, is the instrumentalist.   She and I will play a Bach Adagio and/or Pachelbel's setting of "A Mighty Fortress" for prelude/postlude.
The following week, the Children's Choir will reprise "I Sing a Song of the Saints of God" in unison from the HYMNAL 1982.   I am hoping that we will have sufficient men to sing a 4-part R. Coleman arrangement of "When the Saints Go Marching In."  One of the congregational hymns is "For All the Saints," to the Vaughan Williams tune Sine nomine.
 Pat Maimone
 Organist-Choir Director, Classical Service
 Mt Olive Lutheran Church
 Santa Monica, CA 90405
on October 27, 2012 10:45am
I always include the Pepper Choplin anthem "Song of the Saints" in my All Saints Service. Incredible text.
on October 27, 2012 12:45pm
These are all compositions that I've had my SATB church choir sing for worship - 
Three of my favorites for Reformation Sunday:
1. "God is My Rock" by John Horman (Beckenhorst) - a very solid an doable anthem based on Psalm 46 with piano or organ accompaniment
2. "God's Son Has Made Me Free" Grieg/Oberby (Augsburg Fortress) a cappella
3.  "God is Our Refuge" Allen Pote (Hope) piano or organ accompaniment and two trumpets. 
Two favorites for All Saints Sunday:
1.  "The Beatitudes" by Philip Stopford (a cappella)  very lush and tasteful, beautifully reflecting the text
2.  "We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace" arr. Moses Hogan (a cappella)
Jim Klein, Minister of Music
American Lutheran Church
Prescott, AZ 86301
on October 27, 2012 2:14pm
What kind of divisi is in "We Shall Walk"? I sang it a few years and I'd really like to do it depending on divisi.
on October 27, 2012 2:13pm
I second the Pote (God is Our Refuge). Wonderful piece. It's especially appropriate on the East Coast right before Hurricane Sandy(: Part of the text is "Though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea, though the waters roar and foam, we will not fear."
I'm also doing "The Church's One Foundation" arr. John Ferguson as the sending hymn with brass and organ, choir on verses 2 and 4, and congregation and choir on verses 1, 3, and 5. 
This year for All Saints, I'm doing "Behold a Host Arrayed in White" arr. Brad Ellingboe. Last year, I did "O How Amiable" by Vaughan Williams. I'd love to do "Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal" arr. Parker/Shaw one of these days. 
on October 28, 2012 2:02pm
For Reformation Sunday, we sang Psalm 46 (which includes Ein Feste Burg) with brass sextet/organ by John Ness Beck
Next week, for All Saints, we are singing Daniel Gawthrop's Sing Me to Heaven in memory of congregation members who died this past year.
Alison Vernon
Director of Music Ministries
First Presbyterian Church
Arlington Heights, IL
Applauded by an audience of 1
on October 28, 2012 7:25pm
Sing Me to Heaven  has been a favorite of mine since hearing it performed by a local high school choir. 
For Reformation we sang Pepper Choplin's, "Upon this Rock" and will be singing "King Jesus is A-Listening" by Patsy Ford Simms
on October 29, 2012 5:44am
Rorem "Rejoice We All In the Lord" and Pinkham's "O Quam Gloriosum."  Victoria, Byrd "O Quam" are not bad either...
on October 30, 2012 5:53pm
The Episcopal Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta is singing "Bring Us, O Lord God" by Paul Halley this year for our annual Homeless Requiem on All Saints, as well as Harris's "Holy is the true light" and a great arrangement of "Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit" by our canon for music, Dr. Dale Adelmann.  The Paul Halley is a new piece for us this year - it combines John Donne with Isaac Watts and does so brilliantly.  
Claudia Corriere
on October 31, 2012 9:56am
I used to sing there back when Bruce Neswick was the canon for music.  I'm glad to see the Homless Requiem is still happening.
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