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Stick Time: Nowhere to Hide

Somewhere buried in most choirs is a singer who is not quite sure of the notes.   Though well-intentioned, this person may lack reading skills, have a little trouble matching pitch, or have a vocal issue that prevents them from being as accurate as the conductor might hope.
What would the impact of that inaccurate voice be in a choir of 75 singers?  How would they effect a chamber choir of 35?  Now, how much challenge would that voice present in an ensemble of 16 . . . and what if each of those 16 voices was singing directly into a microphone?
Did you just shudder?  Now you have an idea of what the director of a vocal jazz ensemble has to think about, and can ponder that as you listen to this high school vocal jazz ensemble performance from a recent ACDA divisional conference.  These 16 young singers have nowhere to hide.