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Seeking holiday SAT appropriate for college level

I am in the unusual situation where all of my basses graduated! We now have SAT this year; some of our tenors could conceivably sing Baritone, but splitting the men to SAT(B) will cause a huge imbalance with the women. We are a small, liberal arts undergraduate college with few music majors and hardly anyone takes lessons. Yet, they are highly intelligent and most have previous choral experience. I don't want to sing music best suited for youth choir simply because they need three parts. We have a larger choir open to everyone, and a much smaller, select group. I have been searching through early music, often written for three parts or written to be adaptable; I've also been looking at 3-4 part women's pieces to split the choir members equally.  I think I'll be okay for the Spring semester, but our December concert is traditionally a holiday concert and that's where I'm stuck. Any suggestions? I am open to multiple styles/eras, adventurous, tech, sacred/secular, you name it; as long as it is appropriate for the level of my students. Many thanks for your input!
Jennifer Kelly
Lafayette College
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