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Handel - Judas Maccabeus

We're planning on performing "Judas Maccabeus" complete, in English this December.  I've perused the Choralnet archives and seen the past discussions about the various editions and versions.
My director has Schirmer, but he's open to other editions.  Personally, I tend to avoid Schirmer as much as possible.  Is there any reason to use something other than the Novello/Channon edition?  It seems to be a little pricey, but has the most up-to-date scholarship.  We're doing it with organ so compatability with available orchestral materials is not a concern.
(Aside:  I'm surprised there isn't - as far as I can tell - a Barenreiter or Carus edition.).
Alan Rothenberg
Librarian, Delaware Valley Chorale, Wilmington DE
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