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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.


Composition Showcase FAQ
This FAQ page is in its infancy.  Please suggest questions or answers that you feel are important.
FAQ for Conductors
Q: Why did the sound on my computer stop working?
A:  Some Mac users have reported that some sound files cause their sound to stop working the second time they listen to them.  Reboot to reset. 
Q: When I click on the sound file, all I see is a Q in the middle of the screen.  Why doesn’t the sound file play? 
A: You need a plug in for your QuickTime player. 
Q: How do I purchase the music I sampled?
A: Follow the instructions in the cost and method field. Then click on the link to purchase page in the description or email the composer as indicated. 
Q: What if I want to communicate with the composer?
A: Click on the composer’s name to open their ChoralNet profile.  Click on the “Contact this user” button.   Enter your message and click “send.”
Q: What if I have an idea to make the Composition Showcase better?
A:  Message the owner/editor of this community Jack Senzig.
Q:  Why are some of the titles black and some are blue?
A:  The black titles have not been anchored yet.  Blue titles can be found easily form the Composer Index page. 
FAQ for Composers
Q: Is there an easy way to understand the upload process?
A: Watch the YouTueb video here:
Q: How do I gain access to displaying my works?
A: Read the instructions and follow them: 
Q: Why can I only upload only 10 pieces? 
A: The idea of the Composition Showcase is to give conductors a taste of the best works we have to offer.  By limiting each composer to 10 we ensure the quality of the experience for the user.  Include your web address so that composers can find all your works.
Q: Why can I only upload 3 pieces of the same voices?  
A:  The original idea was to allow only 3 pieces from each composer.  It became clear that the showcase would include  music for mixed choir almost exclusively.  The 3 in one voicing and 10 total upload limits, encourage composers to upload treble and men's choir repertoire in addition to mixed choir repertoire.  1 additional piece of a seasonal nature gets us to 10 pieces.
Q: Why can't I upload a file to the library?
A:  You must be a member of our community and have been made an editor.
Q: I am an editor but still can't find the "New Library File" button.  Why not?
A: Refresh the page in your browser.  Click after the URL and then hit return/enter.  If that still doesn't work, wait a few minutes and try again.  Check that your name appears on the editor list here:  If not, read the instructions here:
Q: ChoralNet seems to have jammed.  I was entering information and the submit button says "submitting..."
A: You probably hit the back button to come to a screen where you have already entered data.  Try closing that window and coming back to it again. You may also try logging in from a different browser.
Q: What if I want to display my music in the Composition Showcase?
A: Join our community.  Follow the instructions, it is not an easy process at the present time. 
Copyright FAQ
Q: What if I feel my copyrights are being infringed upon?
A:  Contact the Owner/Editor of this community and a remedy will be sought.
Q: Who is responsible for copyrighted materials uploaded to the Composition Showcase?
A:  Only the uploader is responsible for copyright infringements.  Uploaders accept the terms and conditions by uploading to the Composition Showcase.