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Title: Agnus Dei
Sound File: VIRTUAL
Score: PDF
Voicing: SAB
Accompaniment: a cappella
Other Instruments:
Difficulty: Medium
Composer/Arranger: william copper
Cost and Method: $1.95
Link to Purchase Page: Contact william copper
More Info: Written in just intonation as if it were renaissance polyphony. Intonation markings and preface provided in score. Optional refrain for congregation. Optional organ accompaniment available
Other Links:   Better recording streamed or download from
Title: All God's Children
Sound File:  CHOIR             
Score: PDF
Voicing: SAT or SAB
AccompanimentEasy Piano Part
Other Instruments: none
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Composer/Arranger: Wallace De Pue
Cost and Method: $1 per copy if you print or $1.30 per hard copy
Link to Purchase Page: wdepue(at)
Tags: spiritual 
More Info: Duration 2:10; text: I gotta robe!  You gotta robe!  All of God’s children…
Editor's Note: Silver Platter Award Winner 12/2/12
Sound File: CHOIR
Score: PDF
Voicing: SAB
Other Instruments:
Difficulty: none
Composer/Arranger: Robinson McClellan
Cost and Method: $1.50
Link to Purchase Page: Ordering info.
Tags: Koran, Qur'an, Thomas Cleary
More Info: Koran (In English) with Isaac Watts' Psalm 23 interpolated. Used by permission.
Other Links: Perusal Video
Sound File: CHOIR              
Score: PDF
Voicing: SAB
Accompaniment: Piano
Other Instruments: Optional rhythm section available
Difficulty: Medium Easy
Composer/Arranger:  Julie I Myers
Cost and Method: Click on website below.
Tags: sacred, gospel, anthem, General, Lent, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday
More Info: Sacred anthem in a traditional gospel-shuffle style (co-written with Stan Pethel)
O my Lord, give me a vessel to dip into the well, to dip into the well of salvation,
Lord, that I may draw that water, living water from the well, living water from the depths of the well.
(Based on Isaiah 12:3; 55:1; John 4)
Sound File: VIRTUAL
Score: PDF
Voicing: SAB The bass part may be sung an octave higher by a soprano or an alto.
Accompaniment: piano (medium difficulty)
Other Instruments: tambourine
Difficulty: Medium
Composer/Arranger: Wallace De Pue
Cost and Method: $1.59 sheet music - $1.20 via e-mail
Link to Purchase Page: Wallace De Pue
Tags: This Israeli folk song can be a bright spot on a program, perhaps at the end.
More Info: Hava Nagila translates to \"Come, let us dance together and be happy! Let us all be of happy heart!
Sound File: VIRTUAL
Score: PDF
Voicing: SAB or SAA (PDF)
Accompaniment: Piano
Other Instruments: optional flute(s)
Difficulty: Easy
Composer/Arranger: David Avshalomov
Cost and Method: $5 pdf master plus $1 per copy. $3 per print copy plus S&H.
Link to Purchase Page: Direct from Composer
More Info: This song expresses an idealistic, innocent dream about the future of our suffering world and the hope that our children—and their children—may heal both the Earth and human society and live in peace forever—a beautiful life.
Other Links:
Editor's Note: Silver Platter Award Winner 5/5/13
Title: Noorun
Sound File: None
Score: PDF
Voicing: SAB or SSA
Other Instruments:
Difficulty: Easy
Composer/Arranger: Robinson McClellan
Cost and Method: $1.50
Link to Purchase Page: Ordering info.
Tags: Arabic Armenian Komitas.
More Info: Music by Komitas, arr. McClellan; text in Arabic.
Other Links: In Arabic.
Sound File: CHOIR
Score: PDF
Voicing: SAAT
Accompaniment: a cappella
Other Instruments: none
Difficulty: Medium
Composer/Arranger: Mike O'Mara
Cost and Method: $1.00 per copy made by composer or $20.00 to license for one choir performance (no limit on copies)
Link to Purchase Page: Composer e-mail: mrmikeomara(a) 
Tags: Madrigals for teens, high school, funny
More Info:
Other Links:
Title: The Word
Sound File: VIRTUAL excerpt            
Score: PDF
Voicing: SCB (Contralto) and Narrator
Accompaniment: Full Orchestra
Other Instruments: None
Difficulty: Medium Difficult
Composer/Arranger: Keith Perreur-Lloyd
Cost and Method: $1,000;Free;1
Tags: choral symphony choir eulogy cantata birth re-birth awakening quest reckoning
More Info: full orchestral choral work 40 mins; * click on purchase link for Audio Visual player (VIRTUAL) 
Other Links:
                   kplmusic (at)
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